Blessings, Beloved,
A secret sent as a gift
Packed in dusty box—

Much sugar today!

not so good a taste outside! plain and plain and weird! almost threw it away but decided to compromise with the weird taste…..
…. sweet and crunchy inside, surprise! not even in the item description. thanks for letting me compromise with it first 👍🏽
always love it since forever!

One Step At A Time

Never miss a step
Taken to reach the last point.
Just enjoy. And joy—


Enjoy today’s experimental bread. Not the best but truly an enjoyable process. Should have been only one potato

Fasting is always about hunger, thirst and on hold of many things. But it’s worth doing, its breaking is worth waiting.

May all beings be happy.


🤩 more mozzarella please
mashed potato and mayonnaise
first and third layers are mozzarella
not as easy as thought
one should be better
rested for 1 hour