Soft Voice

The wind brings voice of
Falling leaves softly rustling
About silent notes—

I humbly apologise for not being able to read your signs…. Or maybe they are for other addresses.

Salaam 💝

Broken Chair stands in delicate balance on three legs – the fourth having been violently blown off as if by an explosive charge. A way of showing that even mutilated, victims of warviolence are still standing tall, with dignity. (
to me “Broken Chair” is also a question “can’t people sit down together and talk instead of defeating others in ignorance?” the saddest symbol I’ve seen

Keep Learning!

Words don’t end as words.
They wait for context to be:
Fact? Opinion?


Why should be afraid of using precise words —gathered in a context— clear context of statement, question, request or exclamation if it is to positively convey a message and/or to get expected responses?

I found some people are shy if not afraid of conveying messages because of unsuccessful experiences of getting the messages passed on to the others clearly. They thought the failure was purely theirs. No, not at all!

Know, Self that some people don’t have the tools to comprehend certain messages; it can be because of limitation of language, intelligence, culture, perception, intention, name it…. In fact some others simply don’t want to listen.

When the message isn’t well comprehended, an equivalent response most probably will be delivered, which is unpleasant and/or unclear one.

It is not nice to fail in communication. Only true learners never give up trying. 👍🏽

Communication is about intention as intrinsic factor (make sure it is good) and skill as extrinsic. Both take time to be mature. Yet, in whatever stage of maturity both don’t always collaborate at times.

Hell yeah! I’m talking about myself! Next time better, much better than today’s me.

May all beings be happy.

going back to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs – where am I, where am I?

Signs – ranting

When sign means nothing,

She’s maybe illiterate

Or dead desperate.

I had a conversation with a good friend, the topic was “sign”. This particular friend cannot read most of non verbal signs and hints from her spouse clearly. What her spouse shows non verbally won’t trigger any curiosity from her; except when he expresses it verbally then she will understand. Facial gestures, body language, more seriously mental vibration won’t do her any ring anymore.

I thought it was strange as a couple should be able “to read” each other’s feeling or idea with a blink of an eye! At least that’s my ideal couple goal.

Then after a while I can relate to what has happened to me.

I’ve been living away from family for more than 25 years; the 7 of which I’ve lived totally home alone (cats and other pets not counted). And that 7-year period is when I think I’ve lost the ability to read what my family is trying to communicate to me. We either don’t understand “the language” or we just can’t accept “the reasoning”. When it comes to language, I feel that our ability to read kinds of personal or cultural gestures have diminished either with my ignorance to their loving and caring behaviour or with their insensitivity to my practicality and logical thinking. We just don’t know how to match things in many occasions and usually we’ll just tolerate each other by saying “no worry, as long as you are happy and healthy”.

When I asked what happened to my friend and her spouse, she said “I just don’t know what language I should use to communicate with him”. Hmm exactly what I experience with my mother and siblings.

“Why don’t you try guessing whatever you see from him? Just to show that you care?”

“I’ve tried but it looks unnatural. He asked me why I did weird questioning and guessing.”

“It is ok, unnatural at the beginning but will be natural when you find the click”.

“We won’t find a click anymore. We are not happy and not meant to be.”


At that point I couldn’t say anything. I think she is not illiterate, she’s seriously desperate.

Gosh! Life is a mystery! We, her close circle have always thought they’re the happiest and I’m the lonely. Now I think it is time to be thankful just for a minute to be happier even than the happiest.

May all beings be happy…..