MacRitchie National Park

Green, lush forest trail
Where fresh air infuses life
With hopes and good vibes.


Today’s 4-hour walk in MacRitchie National Park gave me full stock of tropical vibes that will last for a year ahead keeping me positively motivated.

Wish there are more and bigger places like this in more countries especially in South East Asia so that people can find sanctuaries to breathe in cleaner tropical air for a while after busily working in populated buildings where air is conditioned or in factories where excessive chemicals are used or made.

Thanks, Singapore for keeping some managed greeneries which keeps the oxygen happily circulated.


of the entrance of MacRitchie Reservoir
greeted by a big family
respect neighbours 😃
respect neighbours, don’t misunderstand 😁
simple beauty
humble green
yellow iris
yellow at the bank
gate to the green
green from the tree top walk
walk happily, wear mask to keep happiness longer

You’re The Scent

Where are you, perfume?
Cask’s empty, you linger here
Yet nowhere to meet.
How long will you last? These breaths
Trace you through the moving air.


What you can’t see doesn’t always not exist. What you can sense can’t always be understood.

Life is as simple as breathing in and out.

Salaam… 💞

breathing in and out of you, the scent of life