It Does Well

It sways flexibly
In stormy days.
It grows calmly
In sunny days.
It roots perennially
In the meadow.

It sings;
It hums;
It mutes;
It sees;
It hears;
It touches;
It tastes;
It smells;
In silence

It does well.

these flowers survive the storm and continue living in bright days on and on and on between those two situations only through a friendship with the meadow 💝

Tall Tree

There is a tall tree
Greeting the sky with its green,
The earth with its white.

There is only one choice left: grow! What’s grown within affects what’s grown without and the other way around — all in unison. Liking it or not, I grow as the sole way.

when feet are happily walking, eyes are happily observing 🥰