Karma Pala

Ing karma pala tan ana kang isa mlayu. Kudu ngunduh.

Nandure siji, thukule satus. Panene pitungatus.

Tan kena kinira, mung Gusti kang pirsa. Janma mung krida.

Anteping kalbu, tekating jiwa. Slamet
Ing kabeh mangsa.


(geguritan Jawa)

cute seeds whose name i know not – hope 2023 will bring me harvest seasons with excellent crops; what? new year? again…. 😎🥰


Payday, Beloved,
Crossroads to 4 directions—
6 o’clock, good bye!

Ah yes! I’ve been paid with how a group of people feel proud of achieving what they thought would never happen for my persistence and never-ending-annoying questions and reminders. I’ve been paid with sweet smiles for greeting the cleaning ladies and security guards and colleagues and neighbours. I’ve been paid with my family and friends’ laughter for the jokes that were not even funny. I’ve been paid with my colleagues’ flooding emoji for my “drunken” fingers sending auto-correct silliness. I’ve been paid by many many of those I’ve never thought of making me so light hearted more than dollars and cents.

Hey! Don’t get me wrong! I’ve also been paid with bitter rejections and secret smirks for what I did wrongLY and/or I did inappropriateLY.

And hey! I’ve also been actually paid with wages and benefits for working in a company.

Everything is worth paying and everyday is a payday.

Never look back to what was wrongly spent, that’s my payday commitment!

Ah how I love my payday!

Of course! Who’s not?

May all beings be happy.

the best day is always today when life is at its best — believe me I’m not always right 😂