This tongue says
What belly doesn’t.
Under par, Tongue shouts
Then never stops complaining.
Above par, Belly says
Then waits until the next par.
Is it fondness or fullness
The ruler?
Up to you,
Said the Tongue
Who whines about the taste.

You’ve raised a double agent.


what an excessively oily aglio olio, said I — but I was sooo happy that I slept earlier 💝

Secret – ranting

And from now on I will have to keep it secret.

Sometimes you don’t have to tell anyone what you think.
And I decided not to tell people what I think about a person if not about important things.

Sometimes you don’t have to share how you feel to anyone.
And I decided to not share anything if not important things.

But what is not important about your life?
Everything is important.
So, wanna expose everything?
Ok, yet priority makes it simple.

Yeah, I decided to filter what to be told and shared.
What an unimportant ranting mine is!

Happy holidays!

Singapore – December 23, 2018 – 12:19am