Sky Is The Limit?

The sky, Beloved,
Layers of defined arches
Limiting a range—


Have you ever thought about limit?

What is limit? Who/what has limit? Who/what has no limit? Which is the limit? How to set a limit? Questions that have haunted me for almost all my life! I tried to formulate the answers for almost 20 years and yesterday —just yesterday— a convincing answer reached me like a tap on my shoulders. One of the answer is that with this limitation I can do something that the one with no limit can’t. 💝

This hopefully be a breakthrough in my life.

Thank you!

I’ll rant about the mind blowing answers from a young scholar. Not today; someday when I find the most suitable dictions.

Welcome, new week!

they said this type of cloud is a sign to fishermen that there are a lot of fish around this limited sea area under this type of cloud 👍🏽
cotton-like sky, limit….
good to go! 17:38

What’s Life About?

Your life, Beloved,
Isn’t about happiness.
Find meanings in it.


When seeing the definition of happiness in most of this life time, I found that many of the items in the bucket were material. Wanting to have this, to buy that, to get $, to add more travel destinations, and so on and so forth. I saw life was a storage of hoarded things.

When doing so, I mostly forgot the importance essence in what I did. Peaceful mind, wise decisions, appreciation to self for working hard, tapping shoulders for being able to control negative emotions, breathing slowly of the air in different places, and so on and so forth. I took it for granted until I found those have given me deeper serenity.

Last week there was time when I felt annoyed with something, giving me back the terrible headache I hadn’t had for so long. I drew the curtain and found that the sky was not collapsed yet then I whispered a thank-you. Gradually I felt calm again and new ideas popped up like bubbles from a fish mouth.

It takes just 3 seconds to bring back good mood.

May all beings be happy.

sometimes what you need to do is just drawing the curtain….
…. to see life isn’t about the happiness you define; it’s broader than that, it’s about how your existence is not for nothing 🪶

Sweetness In Heart

Beyond layered skies
Is beauty unknown, my Love
I’ll never give up.

This I wishes happiness to that you across the ocean although the you never knows….

God bless Louis Armstrong who’s bringing sweetness to the heart even when he is not here anymore. 💞

Into The Nature

Happiness and joy are represented by those two children playing in the rice field. Running and laughing, chasing each other in the sloping road…. Framed by terraced land of paddy, roofed with blue sky, and founded on the strong brown soil they enjoy their early journey of life.


Oka and Asti


Catch me if you can, Mbak Asti….


Grinning Oka


Smiling Asti


Pretty ladybird


Nephew and aunt

Temasek – January 9, 2015 – 1:02am