How many tastes can she experience in joy? 5 or 7?


Realising that the best taste is not any of those 5 or 7; the best taste is only 1: to love. 😊

Days of love be like…

well done beef
sate kambing (lamb skewer)
ayam geprek (smashed chicken)
nasi rames (combined dish riced)
gado-gado (vegetables in peanut sauce)
lumpia sayur (vegetable spring rolls)
pisang goreng (fried banana)
the baked and cherry
the baked and blueberry
mango πŸ’ and pumpkin seeds


The taste, Beloved,
Touches life in every point.
No excuse for herβ€”


Sometimes life is about experiencing spiciness level, low to high level. Sweet is hiding for a while, it will come another day.

That’s some of my conversation with my Sensei in today’s Japanese class.

Hell yeah! ⚑️


Language of Palate

Palate, hard or soft,
Still rules.... Voice or taste with which
Days are counted onβ€”-


After three giant scoops of sinful ice cream, let’s enjoy the day with much and much vegetable and protein! This must happen the whole day! Or the whole week 😩

Life is always good by ignoring nerve and counting the blessings.

Happy Vesak Day!

gado-gado siram my way πŸ₯° for this public holiday


Lezat itu bukan tentang rasa makanan. Lezat lebih berhubungan dengan kekuatan lidah mencecap rasa. Menurutku sayur rebung (dengan santan dan bumbu lodeh) lezat luar biasa walaupun gaya memasaknya mungkin tidak berkenan di hati saya.

Mie…. Segala macam mie tidak langsung saya anggap lezat kecuali ketika aku amat sangat kangen indomie (sebut merk, ha ha ha….) atau seperti sekarang ini: pengen mie tek tek…..

Alhasil, saya ke Indobox lagi di ION Orchard biar bisa makan “mee tek tek”. Ini hidangan berlabel “Chef’s Recommendation” tapi saya kasih grade “Im-palate Recommendation” alias horaaaa huenaaaak….

Again, bukan soal rasa melainkan indera perasa…..

Semua maya πŸ˜‚

English version to come…..

Singapura – 9 Januari 2015 – 7:05pm