Clean Up

Cleaning up the yard
From dry leaves and broken twigs.
Summer is coming.

when you want to eat healthy but your friends think it dirty – a bit of excessively-fermented tempe, chicken feet and soup from any vegetable left in the fridge 😝

Loud & Clear Sign

Loud enough and clear—
Thunder strikes and rain begins.
Children play outside.

Your signs are well read, well noted, well understood. Well…. 😎

today’s lunch: it is what is called good sign! 😁 tempe is a good sign that high quality and quantity protein is as affordable as fermented soybeans

Impressed (ranting)

Life is so rich that very very few of disappointments to those sitting on top of the political “food chains” are left un-healed. There are always rising young nationalist scholars in non political fields that give us the people hope at least to this nation to just stand up dignified not enslaved by foreign monsters anymore.

I wish to live long enough to see those young scholars successfully materialise their dreams at the same time continue their journey as Indonesians no matter how much others pull them out from this mother land. God bless you, dear young scholars! Know your root. Love your tree. Bloom flowers. Yield good fruits in your strong boughs! You’ve impressed us with your intelligence. Impress us with your loyalty to the nation.

Right or wrong my country? Hmmm…. There will be time for that! For now, pretty or ugly my country. 🙃

New week is gonna be more energized!


thank you, Driando! I will love tempe(h) more and more!
hey! tempe is good but burnt tempe is ummm 🙃

Rainy Day

Rainy day, Beloved,
Compliment from up above—
Warm heart’s cheering up.

Mendoan is tempe blanketed with mixture of rice flour, wheat flour, ground garlic, ground coriander seed, sliced scallions, salt and water. It is half-cooked in deep fry method in high heat of fire.

Yummy!!! I love deep fried food in a rainy weekend! Let’s make more! 💝

not perfectly healthful but this is the best for snacking in rainy day – perfectly served with bird chilli 😍

Old Rabbits Eat Wisely

Green leaves and grasses
Blanket black soil with freshness.
Good food for rabbits—


Greenery is enjoyed through many ways. Today’s best is chewing the texture and tasting the fragrant freshness.

Year of Tiger is coming soon. Old rabbit should eat more wisely.

May all beings be happy. 💝

healthful food, healthy life
kenikir (Bahasa Indonesia) or ulam raja Malay), Cosmos Caudatus (Latin)