A Fool’s A Fool

Disclaimer: Please don’t take it seriously. Putting funny tone when reading it will do some favour to enjoy it.

AF (a fool, or whatever you want): Hello!
G (God, not ghost): Hello! What now, funny bit?
AF: Look at me. I’m capable of cooking. I know how to do laundry. I can clean toilet. I can make the room. I take care of plants. I can put smiles at the most bitter person…. I’m an excellent one! Am I not?
G: And?
AF: What about making me an owner of a good hotel? Or at least a small nice clean affordable Airbnb? I will manage it myself.
G: Briliant!
AF: So it’s a deal?
G: Oh, wait, dear sneaky bit.
AF: What’s that?
G: Do you remember when you had food poisoning? What did the hotel do?
AF: They arranged a doctor and ended up paying for the bill as their food was the cause.
G: Do you remember a friend complained about the bed sheet with some weird thing? What did the hotel do?
AF: They upgraded to higher class with original booking price.
G: Do you remember when your peach pants accidentally got some unexpected colour stain?
AF: They compensated unnecessarily extra.
G: Do you remember….
AF: Stop. You are trying to tell me I’m not capable of doing all those?
G: I’m not saying it. It was more questioning you whether or not you are willing to do all those to strangers. Sometimes the bitterest snobbish strangers.
AF: No.
G: Then? What now?
AF: Alamak…. Why is it always difficult talking to you? Amen.

It is sometimes not fun doing the talk but it is always leaving a funny feeling of being thankful and content. Human being!

Thanks for making me a human being though. Hey, God! Are you still there? Sorry, sorry, sorry…. 😘


Done! I’m a champion of the home! 😛
and a stupidity! 😭 by a champion 🤮


Balance, Beloved
Not about same measurement—
It’s the harmony.


Let’s be fair, dear Self. Are you 1 kg of feathers or 1 kg of gold?

Let’s be honest. Do you prefer 2-week laundry to wash or 2-week laundry to iron?

Challenging choices to be aligned with immediate happiness


Bl—dy he—❣️

this is a true disaster! the surface of my universe 🦸🏻‍♀️

Joy Is Always Waiting

There’s a hidden joy
Behind a pile of laundry.
Ironed, it shows up.


When finally a bucket of wrinkle fabrics pile up into nicely-layered pile of ironed clothes, who doesn’t feel the joy?

Some household chores are relaxing.

May all beings be happy.

proud of doing it all with these hands 😎

Take A Break – haiku

What does Friday bring?
Laundry, canvas, wok and pan
Wrapped in a good mood.

My stubborn headache and stiff neck suddenly vanished this evening….

I naturally love my job and love it even more every day with the space between two weeks!

May all beings be happy.

Simple Victory – haiku

Simple victory
Is completing ironing
After the laundry.

Stay home peacefully – 2020


Excessive happiness always catches me when I can finish all the laundry then iron all of them on the same day!

I’m proud of myself.

May all beings be happy! 🙏🏼