Primary Patience

Prime time must be secured,
Said they.
Wait! In what definition?
Time to get mature?
Time to board the flight?
Time to earn TV ads?

Time to be patient.

It’s this time
No time primarily.

At young age I was told that there were 3 types of need: primary, secondary and tertiary in which primary included shelter, clothing and food. Now my primary need increases to 4 with internet connection added. On the same floor of my apartment there are at least 17 wifi links connectible or locked including mine. My mother’s house has been installed with wifi so she can enjoy more information and entertainment, her grandchildren can play games freely when staying overnight, her daughter (me) can work with ease when visiting and (i guess knowing my mother’s (over)generosity) so some next door neighbours’ children can sneak the wifi to browse around from their homes.

While GOOD internet connection is a primary need in some places, it is still secondary in some others. Outside Singapore (even when traveling to Japan) I feel “tortured” by the low speed. In Indonesia (oh people will all have patience as their super power after dealing with the internet connection outside prominent cities) and other South East Asia countries (please, Singapore might be a European country lost among us) good internet connection might be secondary or even tertiary.

Uh and oh are my normal expressions when I spend my holiday or long weekends in my mother’s house. My nephews and nieces who visited me in Singapore has claimed “There is no word “loading” in your home. In here you have to wait for a while because loading is a must process. Be patient. Be patient. Be patient, dear. Hahaha….” 😁

And yes, some work cannot wait but have to wait until I arrive home because internet connection is not yet a primary service every time everywhere.


i told my nephews and nieces to be patient in some situations; yet when dealing with internet connection for work, everything nice about being patient is just a meme to me 😝

Listening Class

Listen to the rants
Of those needing some ears. Who?
Maybe your own self—

I need fresh air and different taste today! Pretty hot day and my bike really needs long rest. So I decided to book a taxi to Bussorah Street. Why not MRT? Today the automatic-smile-to-people apps of mine broke down and my ears needed some entertainment from random drivers who -if you are lucky or unlucky depending on how you perceive it- will tell a lot of stories about the Gov, the people, etc.

And Universe answered! The driver was perfectly being upset with a passenger that scolded at him because the passenger thought he made a longer journey and so the passenger had to pay $16 instead of $9.

“Walao! He think such distance can ah with only $9? If he live in Sentausa, he sure got money whaaaaat?! And if always take taxi, he sure know it is at least $15!”

“He think because he is foreigner he ok do what he like haaaaaah?!”

“You know he said “f***ing ***hole” to me ! He think he got right say that to driver! This is first time I complain to my office about my passenger you know. Usually I don’t care la people bitter or not smile or not talk but this guy ah scolding ah you think ok ah?”

Oops! If that was really the words said to the driver, that was rude!

He ranted more…. actually the whole trip I was all ears for him. Thanks God for my patience today.

“You probably need some coffee, Sir,” said I.

“Ya la. I so angry! I didn’t take passenger after him, straight to coffee shop to have coffee then took your order la. Still angry you know! My company already took my complaint. Maybe also need blacklisted passenger you know. People should not behave rude to drivers blah blah blah”.”

“You need to walk to the street. Cannot enter, not allowed one, you know right?”

“Oh, no worry, Sir. I know this area quite well. Let me walk. This is the fare, please take the change, for your noon coffee.”

“Thank you. Thank you. Have a nice day!”

I walked down the street to go to a small bookstore which sells books that I won’t find in Kinokuniya. This hidden gem among all those nice restaurants feels much more special in this pandemic. There are still many people but probably only 30% of normal days when tourists are swarming like alate around the light.

This was a nice day! I brought home some reading and good food!

Mission accomplished!

Time to listen to the Self!


reading is like listening to self, you decipher your own intelligence through other’s writing

Be Patient To Self

When colours are tied
To  canvas, the painter mourns,
“Dear, hard to move on.”
It says “One stroke at a time.
Sit down and relax your mind.”

Be patient, Self. Be patient. It hurts but nothing is permanent. Accept the pain but don’t let suffering take over this journey. Don’t break. Don’t break.

Thanks for everything. 💞

May all beings be happy.

I know this is going to be a favorite collection but every time I sit down to complete this painting, there is a big fear of failure. As if this squirrel perfection in mind takes over determination to materialise what I’ve dreamt. Oh, Squirrel!

Van Gogh, help meeeee!!! 😝

My Goodness – headache to the max!

This below video clip by “The Law” was sent by a friend. We’ve never thought of how a rap group (vocal? band? what? never heard of “The Law”) could sing a negative song, a set of negative lyrics about two women (Maia & Meichan of Duo Maia) who truly achieve very high position in Indonesia music world. Only hatred could generate this work.

Just wanna say…. What you sow, what you reap!
This group is over, might never get up again…. I pity their start cum end….

To Maia and Meichan: Good Luck here and after! You have the beauty, the talent and the attitude. Love, love, love…..

These are the lyrics as sung by “The Law”.

Now throw ur hand in the air buat duo maia
Jari tengah di udara buat duo maia
Middle finger’s in the air buat duo maia
Baladewa sluruh dunia acungkan jari tengahmu

Check this, check this You don’t wanna miss
Gw gak pengen menghujat atau berlaku sinis
Tapi duo maia yang katanya formasi baru
Buat gw contoh buruk yang gak pantas ditiru

Gaya harajuku lu lebih mirip cewe brengsek
Ibu tiga anak kok gayanya seperti bom sex
Ngaku jadi musisi tapi kemampuan cetek
Mendingan gw nonton mulan jadi bintang obat ketek

Kemampuan dan skill lu cuma setahi upil
Gw sumpahin album lu gak bakalan berhasil
Tampang vokalis lu kaya bintang bokep miyabi
Kok kaya mirip cewe yang lagi masturbasi

Gw denger-denger sih lu kan ngakunya sarjana
Tapi klakuan minus kaya cewe gak bragama
Gak becus ngurus anak, ngandelin pengacara
Wajar kalo cinta suami lu tertinggal di malaysia

You had all the money, you had all the fame
You had a good family and you have a good man
Tapi lu masih ngotot lu pengen jadi artis
Lu kaga punya bakat semua lagu lu najis

Untung aja lu masih punya suami yang sabar
Walaupun sifat lu tuh udah kaya cewe bar bar
Lu tau rumah tangga lu udah mau bubar
Tapi lu malah minta duit dua ratus milyar

Now throw ur hand in the air buat duo maia
Jari tengah di udara buat duo maia
Middle fingers in the air buat duo maia
Baladewa sluruh dunia acungkan jari tengah (2x)

Ini babak yang baru cobalah kau dengarkan
Semua orang tau lu tuh mabuk ketenaran
Kalo lu emang bener bener punya kemampuan
Kenapa takut bersaing sama dewi dewi dan mulan

Gw suka dewi dewi apalagi mulan
Gw juga suka ratu waktu vokalisnya pingkan
Tapi sekarang vokalisnya kok diganti mei chan
Doi gak pantes nyanyi doi pantesnya mecun

Lebih baik mei chan lu kirim aja ke batam
Gw yakin lebih laku jadi PSK malam
Karena di musik dia gak punya masa depan
Republik cinta bakal bikin lu semua tenggelam

Mulan jameela udah ninggalin ratu
Album dewi dewi masih yang paling laku
Andra and the backbone yang jadi nomer satu
Gw kasih jempol terbalik buat albumnya ratu

Udah deh mendingan cepetan lu insaf
Sebelum baladewa indonesia pada khilaf
Ini cuma nasihat we still love you anyway
Kalo lu kaga suka HOO! E-G-P

Now throw ur hand in the air buat duo maia
Jari tengah di udara buat duo maia
Middle fingers in the air buat duo maia
Baladewa sluruh dunia acungkan jari tengah mu (2x)


A building like a dragon in the city – September 28, 2016 – 15:32