I feel it gets stronger

The sensitivity in me

How I feel hurt to see animals slaughtered for fun, for consumption, for pride

How I feel hurt to see those creatures without defense accept whatever humans want them to be.

Is it after I dig the love between my Bob cat and me?

Or, is it just because it is time when I unseal the hidden key?

Or, is it just an accidental sensitivity in me?

Just now I mistakenly switched on TV to a channel showing a tortoise slaughtered alive! The guilt lingers and tortures my sleeping time. No sleep then. Then it reminds me to topeng monyet that comes to exploitation rather than animal training. Also it drives me crazier when I remember how Kebun Binatang Surabaya animal “collections” get weaker and weaker because the care takers do not care about the animals. They said they lack of money? Then just send those animals to other zoos rather than selfishly claim the poor responsibility of national asset. God damn animals are not national! It is global asset! Once they are distinct, the mankind should mourn!

I go too far… I am being sensitive. I am missing a thing, Bob Kucing. He’s been my savior in my bad times; he’s been alarm of consciousness of oneness. It is too far. I am not supposed to talk about sensitivity. It is merely about my dear cat… Is it?

HHIpoh – December 23, 2011 – 9:00pm

4 thoughts on “SENSITIVITY IN ME

  1. rembulanku said: aku yo benci mbak nonton menungsa makaryake kewankok yo tega banget…mesti mlayu mumpet aku yen weruh ledek munyuk

    pancen kok, Lil… manungsane ora beradab… aku sekarang udah nggak mau makan daging sapi karena inget matanya yang lentik, gak mau makan kambing karena inget senyumnya, nggak mau makan kelenci karena lucu, dll… sementara cuma makan ikan dan seafood aja…


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