Highway 4 Hanoi – chatting

After long time no see, I met old friends in Hanoi. We agreed to have dinner in Highway 4, a restaurant whose owners used to be the guests of a hostel owned by my friend’s parents. So it was a rendezvous for us and for my friend and his ex guests. Merry!

Most of these friends are good drinkers. I prefer not taking any sips and becoming a cheerleader who looks more drunk than those who drink. They planned to have 3 rounds of drink in different places: first in the Highway 4, second in another place and the last one in the other — I didn’t have any idea where those two were. I said good night and left earlier before the 1st round ended.

Although I could not enjoy all what they did, I thought it was a very warm friendly night. I didn’t always understand what they were talking about but there was always someone translating for me or they just switched into English. The funny thing was that they would punish anyone who spoke the most English by forcing him/her to drink another shot. That’s where my laughter wouldn’t stop especially when they blamed me for making them speak English.

What a good night!
Note: Friends won’t give up friendship even when some habits are just different.

See what those crazy friends did to persuade me to drink with no success.

Friend 1: Ok, you come again next time. You must drink, ok?
Me: Water

Friend 2: I’ll find you a good Vietnamese guy if you drink.
Me: Find him for me first then I’ll drink!

Friend 3: This is wine! Not beer!
Me: I read the ingredient.
Friend 3: Cone on. That is a wrong label.
Me: Then I don’t trust Vietnamese beverage.

Friend 4: Drink.
Me: I don’t want to look crazy.
Friend 4: When you are drunk, you think you look crazy but actually people think you are cute!
Me: 🤪

Friend 5: Forget about tomorrow’s work. You only have now to drink.
Me: You drink more, talk less.

The rest of the group: Drink!!!
Me: (finished one glass of water)
Them: Not water!!!
Me: 😘😘😘
Them: (given me up and ate)

Hanoi – January 15, 2020 / 22:07


The Art of Cooking – haiku

The art of cooking:
Beautify! Joy of eating:
Break, chew, swallow, go!

Hanoi – January 13, 2020 / 21:26

What’s for dinner? Healthy food please….
And, pretty food for tonight please….

When served to me the food was fabulously arranged. The food was at the same time the garnish. I had to think twice if the food was worth eating or just worth picture taking. But I was starving so….

To make it a perfect dining, I decided to beat the chef’s expertise with my eating skill. His skill is to prepare good and beautiful food. Mine is making beautiful delicious food broken and enjoying it with my heart and soul.

The waitress came back.
“How was the food, Ma’am?”

I said,”Amazing! Please tell the Chef I’m sorry for destroying his work of art.”

Thank you, Life for all the blessings.

May all beings be happy.

Below are two pics of my first served “before and after”. 😁

You’re Getting Antique – haiku

You’re getting antique,
Put on pedestal: high price,
Alone, not lonely.

Between two islands (WIB to WITA) – January 9, 2020 / 19:19


The more understanding someone is about life, the heavier one’s thought is before expressing, yet the lighter one is from many worries – ideally…. One becomes more quiet, or still talks but with better perspective – ideally….

Then we meet people.
Sometimes because of our experience people respect us but the more respect we receive, the more suffering we will be if….
…. if we think life is merely about reaching a certain position based on others’ respect.

Or, we think our experience is not well recognised and we feel frustrated. We become blindly hardworking, slave around to get recognition, smile around fake. Gosh! Life becomes a burden than a blessings.

Relax, my Love. Life is beautiful enough with self respect. Others are not judges, they are just fellow Travelers who oftentimes think they are better than you.

Build your own pedestal, dear Self. One that is made of positivity, sincerity and integrity. That’s enough for you to enjoy the rest of your life with those genuine around you.

May all beings be happy.

None Is Left Behind – haiku

None is left behind.
Humans, animals are saved—
Humanity served.

Here now, in my silent heart

Flood is everywhere in my beloved country (Indonesia) and rescuers are the physically busiest of all. The good things are getting better, not only humans but also animals are rescued. There shan’t be any to be left behind even those they call non human. Those that you love in your good time shall receive the same care in your bad time no matter who or what they are….

God bless all rescue units who have worked hard soaked in the flood to carry babies, children, women, old people and others underprivileged including animals pet or cattle. God bless them.

Anyone is functioned differently. Some are active on the field, some financing, some fixing the root causes, some whispering to the Universe to save all of us.

Sending love, prayer and whatever aid I can…. 💝

Incineration – haiku for 2020

Is open, ready to burn
Rubbish. All is well.

Singapore – December 31, 2019 / 20:40

New year again? 😼

Although a year is just an agreed cycle, it has always directed a human being (me) to (nervously) plan things – end of year feels like a Management System practice for me: reviewing all the goal, action, gap, errors, plan adjustment, take away and self-scolding of why-this-why-not-that. Of course I’ve failed in many corners and turns every single year. Umm…. It doesn’t matter, lovely Self. 😘

And taps on my shoulders are enough to celebrate some success. 😘

Learning from my stupidity, I decided to make 2020 an incineration. A central waste plant to destroy each and every memory and/or situation that doesn’t serve my journey anymore. Decluttering!

I have a long virtual list of those needing to be burnt! One of them could be YOU! 😁

Thank you, 2019 for the ride and lessons. You are loved, you are remembered. Rest In Peace.

Happy New Year 2020! Welcome, this new Self!

Health, Love, Stock Price!

I wish you are all blessed through your own blessings.

….. One more: God bless all animal rescuers on earth! 💝


A Bowl Of Corn Soup – haiku

A bowl of corn soup
Served for lunch without pepper—
Can’t be any better.

Singapore – December 27, 2019 / 21:00


Mbak Sari cooks for me everyday during her stay and it makes my tummy full and happy. Today she made corn soup and I love it.

I remember years ago when I was a Uni student. My friend and I were “assigned” to take care of another friend who was hospitalised for long time while her parents lived in faraway island. Of course we didn’t have to cook for her as the hospital did but I can remember how difficult it was to convince her that all food was good and had to be finished so that she could get stronger and recuperated. Sometimes my friend would just tell us to eat the food that we refused.

Mbak Sari’s cooking is far from the taste of my friend’s hospital food. Mbak Sari’s is made perfectly with friendship love and care for me to recuperate soon.

Just 3 more days for her to stay…. Hope all her cookings do me good for those 3 days and I can get back to work completely up and around.

May all beings be happy.



Not The Benefit – haiku

Not the benefit,
It’s love shown as a form of
Token of friendship.

Singapore – December 25, 2019 / 22:00


One of my friends is visiting me and will stay until I can get back to work from my medical leave. What a blessing!

What makes the blessings even multiply is that she is bringing me some of her artwork: some mini scarves with shibori patterns. She made them three days before she flew here to make me -her friend- happy! God bless my good friends!!!!!!!!!


Curious, I “interrogated” her on how she made some of those whose colours stunned me. She said she applied only natural colouring agents: leaves, bark, seeds, roots with some natural “glue” to tie up the colours to the fabric. She did it because she knows I won’t like artificial ones.

“The dark green is coming from jolawe seed, the brown from tingi bark, the leave eco print from teak young leaf, the yellow from tegeran bark, the blah blah blah….”

“Someday I don’t know when but for sure I’ll come to your shibori course and I’ll make my own. Someday….. I don’t know when but someday.” 🤪

She smiled and said “No need, let me know which you like and I’ll make it.”

Thank you, Mbak Sari…. 😘😘😘

God bless all the lovely friendships on earth, not the friends with benefit.


Before I Know You – haiku

Before I know You,
My Dear. Before I know you,
I’ve loved the haiku.

Singapore – December 23, 2019 / 10:45am

Feeling painful and bored….
Hope days go by quickly
So that I can do things normally like doing household chores, writing haiku, drawing with pencils and working with MacBook or just speeding around on Brommie…..
I still Tell myself to be grateful for and love the boring days.



Only Friend’s Laughters – haiku

Only friend’s laughters
Release the gentle body
From the flare of pain.

Mount E – December 19, 2019 / 05:10

Friends can be everything including medicine when you are very sick. One of my best friends made a joke when I got a flare of pain after surgery. I didn’t get better but I got relieved and felt calmer.

God bless my best friends.


He Lost My Sole Heart – haiku

He lost my sole heart,
Busy questioning about
Sense of belonging.

Somewhere – December 16, 2019 / storm before calm

What a paradox it could be! Someone is losing the most precious gift in life from someone, the heart just because s/he is focusing on other things that might never be the priority in life.

Possess today, tomorrow might never come.



In A World Of Men – haiku

In a world of men
She mostly forgets to thank
For being woman.

Shanghai – December 12, 2019


Why should we struggle to compete in a male dominated world? Why bother? Even when their logic doesn’t show they are logical, the men will always think they are more logical than women. So be it….

I want to be more relaxed, enjoying my privilege of being a woman. I realise I’ve given up many many things and I want to take them back!

It is time.



The Seven Chakras

The seven chakras:
A journey whose route shouldn’t be
Taken a detour.

Shanghai – December 8, 2019 / 15:40

It is not a coincidence that the chakras’ colours resemble rainbow’s – or the other way around. All those colours are captured by the lenses inside our eyes differently based on what frequencies are reflected by the light —in the case of rainbow, it is the sun light. Essentially it is one – the Light. Once we realise that it is a “Light game” that “creates” colours, we won’t bother arguing which colour is the most beautiful.

In Javanese culture it is believed that rainbow is a stair for the female heaven citizen (I couldn’t find the best English word for “Bidadari”) to descend to and ascend from the earth to take a bath after the rain in a pristine pool amidst a deep jungle where only chosen human beings can see — Darn! Why don’t they just take some rain water before it is poured down to earth to bath? In one Javanese myth, one of those ladies could not go back to the heaven because a curious horny young man stole her heavenly apparel. In the myth, their apparels are equipped with wings that can make them fly. 🤩

If rainbow is a stair for the heavenly beautiful creatures, I am wondering what stair is the set of seven chakras that are assumed to be existing inside of our body? There might be a lot of divine realities going up and down from one chakra to another making a tour enjoying the beauty of our rainbow.

What a rant! 🤓

Take a chakra tour, fellas! 🙏🏼

Brief reading about chakra and thanks For the picture to: Chakra Dance


Pledge For The New Day – haiku

Pledge for the new days:
Never hurt one’s heart again….
…. But bullshit won’t stop.

Singapore – December 7, 2019 / 3:40pm

Hurting heart is human being’s habits -or some human beings have it as expertise- so never ask anyone to not hurt your heart. That’s natural.

Some people hurt you because you are you. But don’t stop! Even if you have to lose someone just to be yourself, be yourself. That is the only choice.

And, when someone doesn’t appreciate your presence as you, just walk away. You are not a tree.

Not easy, but doable

Enjoy your weekend 😊

Screenshot 2019-12-07 at 3.28.37 PM

Thanks for the picture to: Habits For Well Being

I’m Broken Hearted – ranting

Keanu Reeves finally found his chosen. I believe many are broken hearted including me 😁

I used to collect the pictures of this Keanu with many various poses in his all period of life: childhood, teenage, young mature and adult mature . That I closed down my dear account of Pinterest has been a blessing in disguise. I don’t want to collect his pictures anymore 😂

My best friend sent me a message just now asking a question that no one but she can answer.

“Rijk, am I in love with a man? Or am I just adoring him as a celebrity?”

My answer is “I was just broken hearted because Keanu found his love.”

She didn’t reply my message. She was probably upset. Or, she stopped to think what was her true feeling.

Oh, I’m sorry Mbak…. I was just kidding. 🥳


I believe love isn’t to analyse, it is to feel in the depth, to appreciate that we still have heart to bear the desperately longing for someone out there and maybe to suffer from a broken heart.

Thank you, Keanu 🥰
For making me realise that I’m not broken hearted, that I’ve found that I only adored you as a star.
Congratulations for finding your chosen!

Singapore – December 6, 2019 / 22:55

Enjoy the news of dearest Keanu Reeves Keanu Reeves Found Love


You Are Not Alone – haiku

You are not alone.
Millions cry at the same time.
On different cause though—

Singapore – December 6, 2019 / 20:36

Dearest Nephews,

If you feel your problem is the most unbearable, it is hardly wrong. Yet yours won’t probably represent the most difficult ones.

Can you count how many people live on earth? All of them have issues – even worse, they have issues while they have no choice but living with those because of absence of resources and no help whatsoever.

And how many abused animals are there? Be thankful that you are not a karmic animal this time around. Or, maybe in next life if you are abusive to animals in present life. 😈

And how much abused the natural resources are? If you think they are not alive, you’d better think twice.

So don’t feel like you are the poorest human beings in the universe just because you can’t afford the latest version of PlayStation.



It’s Only Lipstick – haiku

It’s only lipstick
Giving colours at times, but
Mightn’t be the true one.

Singapore – December 5, 2019 / 10:22pm

Not easy to deal with lipstick — looks red or pale, matt or glossy, gothic or modern, sexy or dull, luring or boring, cheap or costly, thick or thin…. Just lipstick, not the true colour of the lips behind the paint.

Unfortunately, life is sometimes about changing colours of lipstick based on the occasions attended and interlocutors dealt with. Better be smart to see who is true who is fake…. Or, how to be true!

Or, how to be fake? Ew!


Thanks Wikipedia Lipstick for the picture

Concrete And Cement – haiku

Concrete and cement
Sprawled along, leaving earth with
Lesser greenery.

Bogor – December 2, 2019 / 20:27


Last year when I visited this site, I could see many trees at the back yard. We even found some mangoes ended up on our lunch tray. But this year I found that they have cut down most of the trees and built a small sports center. We still can see grass here and there but the chance to get entertained by the beautifully-singing birds and cheerfully-hopping squirrels is thinner.

I am not complaining. I’m just telling myself how I miss a place where my lungs don’t have to work so hard to filter the air.



Silence Of The Mind – haiku

Silence of the mind
Has stopped logical thinking–
The Hermit mode’s on.

Jakarta – December 1, 2019 / 23:12

Being logical is good but sometimes we should stop being logical, just to let the inner core self speak the true voice.

Give The Hermit a while to ignite the true light and enlighten all connections, to grip the staff and stand still before proceeding.

Life is so simple: quitting when tired, halting when confused. The only rule is believing that nothing is permanent.

Screenshot 2019-12-02 at 00.04.31

The Hermit can be briefly read in Wikipedia The Hermit

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