I’ve been collecting things in my life — not so much thinking about their functionalities, just as hobbies. It’s like never ending craving for new types of the collected items. Fun, fun, fun!

When I was elementary schooler, I collected stamps – at least five albums & some un-albumed packs of foreign stamps before finally I gave up. Where are those albums now? No idea where they are, probably my cousins took care of them. I was fond of nail polish, bead necklaces and hair bands…. Yeah, so glad remembering that — I was feminine, yes I was….

Another I remember is pencil collection, it was when I was 15. Any types of pencil were nested in a big fancied cartons and cans – 200+++ until finally I gave up…. Where did they end their “life”? Cant remember, I thought I gave them away to anybody wanted to take them.


Longer list…. Turtle & tortoises figurines, batik sheets, overseas coins, natural stones, gemstones, crystals, orchids, refrigerator magnetics, socks, silver and other metals…. And, many more collecting thingy.

What are those all things for? Just to feed desire of having this and that, wanting this and that, the word need was forgotten and/or ignored. Did I need the used stamps? Economic value was never a concern; I’ve never considered myself a sales-person type. Did my two hands operated hundreds of pencils? Who takes care of those collections — I leave them in my house in Indonesia…. So sad. Just these very recent months I decided to stop collecting. My attention and action shall be more meaningful to more people rather than just making me contented or proud of having bunch of things.

Supporting animal rescuers (cats and dogs), and communities helping underprivileged people (health and education) are the best choices now. Not because of having so much money to donate, but it is more about how to allocate the capitals wisely. No rates of return expected except that I want to be less guilty of enjoying this blessing selfishly.


Thanks Universe, for waking me up, for opening my very eyes wide, for presenting the needy before me…. Now, the challenge is to work constantly hard and smart to be able to share more without feeling “being more”. My time to breeze…..!


Sweet disclaimer: probably the consistent collection is books ‘coz reading is like eating, without it I’ll die… Hope reading will be everlasting hobby of mine. Reading with eyes, reading with mind, reading with soul.


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Singapore – October 19, 2014 – 9:36pm



Ke sudut aku berlari

Menanti datangnya matahari

Yang bergelung lama di kehangatan

Dan keegoisan para penguasa dunia.

Lemah rasanya.

Bersandar kini ku pada sudut

Yang entah melindungi ataukah

Membuatku makin ringkas.

Remah-remah perjalanan

Berkedut mencari satu sama lain


Menyambungkan diri.

Tersasarkah aku? Atau—

Hanya beristirahat sementara

Di sebuah sudut

Yang tanpa rasa…

Kelima indera


Belum kembali


Tempat berkemas;

Walau kehabisan ruang.

Masihkah yang keenam? Atau—

Tak disisakan apa-apa?

Sudut ini:

Pilihan hamba

Karena dialah yang belum pernah kupilih,

Pasti akan membuatku berbeda.

November 26, 2010 – Indra Puri Lampung – 10:33 malam