Love & Trust

What is love and trust?
Wind and water pushing boat
Sailing to a land—

Yes, love can come mysteriously like Capt Nemo’s Nautilus suddenly emerged from sea surface. She might love one that she doesn’t logically expect to love at all. Love is an active emotion. If she loves, she does. If she doesn’t love, she doesn’t. Accept and embrace it with its pain and foolishness.

Yet, trust can promote or demote one to or from a position like how Capt Nemo finally trusted Aronnax, Ned and Conseil as his main crew in the submarine. Trust is a living action. Test and investigate it with loyalty and integrity. If she trusts, she’ll promote the one to an inner circle. If she distrusts, she demotes one to outer layer.

Aaah! Love is always sweet in word— just that some people don’t have sufficient vocabulary to express and to understand. Trust is always inevitable in number — just that some people are accustomed to data manipulating to look good and so hiding the fact.

Still loving you though 💕 💕

May all beings be happy.

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It Says Thanks To You – haiku

It says thanks to you
For showing true and untrue
Through this emotion.

Singapore – Jun. 1, 2020 / 22:15

Realising that a gift is not merely about a special thing wrapped beautifully but more about the true among the untrue is a gift itself. No matter how it feels inside until now, I still thank you.

What a beautiful Life!

May all beings be happy….



kutemukan musik dalam hidup
aliran udara dan tekanan angin yang berbeda menjadi musik
gemericik air dan gulungan debu menjadi nada
tarikan dan hembusan nafas yang satu-satu lembut, sedang, memburu, sesak… tempo…

jiwa yang berirama,
kehidupan yang berpola,
nuansa yang menggema beribu tahun, kembali mengingatkanku pada alunan musik

terlupa sejenak lalu ingat ketika terpanggil oleh kerinduan….
akan masa-masa yang penuh cinta…

musik selalu menggugah emosi,
menelusuri rasa,
membangkitkan keimanan akan pertemuan dengan yang sejati

dengan YangSejati….

Yio Chu Kang Road, 28 Agustus 2013 – 21:30