All Is Good Work

What is work, my love?
Office, site visit, kitchen,
all rooms to fulfil.


Work is both those weekdays I am paid by my employer and weekends and holidays when I spend more from what I earn on weekdays. Both I do with all my heart and soul.

Thank you for everything.

May all beings be happy.

ironed clothes make good days of mine, that’s why i iron most of my clothes even those for sleeping πŸ’ i love myself 😁

late lunch after ironing πŸ₯° my kitchen loves me 😁

after lunch i finished making β€œrujak serut” for the next one week β€” one box per day πŸ˜‡ to continue morning sliced fruit during Tapa Brata, i modify it to morning rujak serut 😁

Amazing Day

Amazing day, Love,
Completing what’s committed
Without supervised


Weekend is amazing with completing a pile of clothes. What a nice closure before Monday.!

Thank you, Life! I love hand washing and ironing. Seriously! As long as it is not a paid job. πŸ’“

Welcome, Monday!

this song is a magic to laundry 😘
amazing day is this! ironed clothes, good help for good sleep 😎
yes, you can!!!!!! πŸ₯Ή

Joy Is Always Waiting

There’s a hidden joy
Behind a pile of laundry.
Ironed, it shows up.


When finally a bucket of wrinkle fabrics pile up into nicely-layered pile of ironed clothes, who doesn’t feel the joy?

Some household chores are relaxing.

May all beings be happy.

proud of doing it all with these hands 😎

Simple Victory – haiku

Simple victory
Is completing ironing
After the laundry.

Stay home peacefully – 2020


Excessive happiness always catches me when I can finish all the laundry then iron all of them on the same day!

I’m proud of myself.

May all beings be happy! πŸ™πŸΌ