Root Stays

Leaves and flowers show
How root is living. They bloom
Through time, root stays.


you’ll start showing colours when I’m back πŸ’• see you next month!
new one!
thank you

History of A Tree

You have to believe
Nature lives with you, ruling
Games in which you are.
See colours. Watch shapes. Seasons,
Patterns count the scores to make.

Fruits rot. Flowers sere.
Leaves fall. Trunks topple. Roots die.
This plant is a name
In encyclopaedia,
Memory of its climbers.


This body has expiry date. I’m seeing it deteriorates in time. What will be something of me left behind?

Temasek, Ramadhan 11 / 5:55am

dear sun, when you’re down, where are you and what are you doing?

Process Based

Blooming, Beloved
Not the most important phase.
Root is foundation
Where seed is a buried secret
With dancing roots, and the cropβ€”


Mind the strong foundation resiliently planting you to where you stand and contribution generously assisting yourself and those around.