Sun, Day

Hello, Sun
Today is your day.
Be bright.
Be warm.
Be nice to whomever is home.
Taste delicious.
Taste good.
Taste homy to whomever is lost.


weekend is about waking up late with selfie 🥱

cooking whatever i want 😍

(re)watching movies while cooking — iPad is forced to perch on the plate rack 😁

Small Joy

Blooming orchids show
Vibrant hues waited a while
Without counting time.

I think so much surprise comes to us because we just do without craving for the expected result. Not 100% correct, but that is most what has happened to me. ☺️

Welcome, blooming flowers. You have been as stubborn as the gardener. God bless you! 😍

Sunday is full of cleaning, laundry and sweet surprises!


joyful day celebrating 4 stems of orchid buds from one pot 🤩

What’s Behind Beauty

They live in the mud.
Flowers wanted. Story not,
Real beauty that’s missed—

Dark and bright, two limits that often corrupt my perception of facts and so affect many plans. In fact both bring different strengths supplementally support my life.

What is it about? Oh, it is just about that night ride is cool and serene, morning ride is colourful and fresh.

In the dark I hear more; when it’s bright., I see more.

Hey! Riding morning makes skin darker! Damn right! 😿


the blooming happiness along my normal route of fun this morning
they’re all resting buds last evening
mostly living in cluster, colourful
same colour cluster
two of them
living at the edge
isolated duo
supporting system
some can see their reflection on the water, some not 💝


If you can stop rain,
Try. You will get an award,
Or another job.

In the last two days rain didn’t stop, literally 48 hours down pour. I thought it wouldn’t rain today, cloudy day though. So, well packed I was off to the open air.

As the track was a bit slippery with thin mud, biking speed limit had to be pretty low. With some road block, not much space is there to ride comfortably.

The plan to have lunch while reading didn’t work either as the cafe closed much earlier today and they said the same for tomorrow. It started to rain so no no choice but turning back to home route. The cafe wouldn’t allow me to stay longer ‘coz they would cover all the chairs with tarpaulin soon.

Light rain is good….. in a good day. It felt like itchy needles on skin today. Lucky to cover half of the face with this cute face mask so no one would see this bad mood.

Some plans don’t work. Some days don’t come out nice and bright. Ah…! As long as I’m still alive, it’s ok. I don’t have to stop the rain to enjoy biking. If I can stop rain, I might get an award or a new job as a “rain shaman”. What a busy life if I am…. 😛

Under the railway not far from home…. Let’s sit down and recharge smile battery.