Thanksgiving’s Day

They celebrate it
For all
Even if a bit salty.


i dissolve sadness with cooking 💝👍🏽

they use Botox to keep good skin, I bothok 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

yum! a little but too salty, i added another sprinkle of salt

all in less than one hour — not icl the steaming process though

another Javanese bayleaf


Javanese bayleaf

banana leaf is expensive here so even using the yellowed one doesn’t make me undignified 😀 when i was a child, i harvested it for free for play

bothok recipe: tempe, grated coconut, dried anchovy, shallot, garlic, chili, galangal, Javanese bayleaf, spring onion, salt and brown sugar

Sun, Day

Hello, Sun
Today is your day.
Be bright.
Be warm.
Be nice to whomever is home.
Taste delicious.
Taste good.
Taste homy to whomever is lost.


weekend is about waking up late with selfie 🥱

cooking whatever i want 😍

(re)watching movies while cooking — iPad is forced to perch on the plate rack 😁


Eyes see colour hue
Splattering on a palette
Ready to draw taste.

Excited for my kitchen will be! 😘😘😘

clay kitchenware makes the taste more earthy and original 🥰
colourful kitchen tools are cute and make cooking more fun 🥰

Small Joy

Blooming orchids show
Vibrant hues waited a while
Without counting time.

I think so much surprise comes to us because we just do without craving for the expected result. Not 100% correct, but that is most what has happened to me. ☺️

Welcome, blooming flowers. You have been as stubborn as the gardener. God bless you! 😍

Sunday is full of cleaning, laundry and sweet surprises!


joyful day celebrating 4 stems of orchid buds from one pot 🤩

The Unhealthy Healthy Food

Not about the food,
More about gluttony. Good!
At least I still chew.

I joined “Eat Well Challenge” in which what’s consumed is calculated and what’s burnt is regulated. I thought it would be as simple as submitting what is eaten. Now I see how healthy both my body and brain will be as the calorie calculation include my weighing the ingredients and decision making on what’s best to combine.

The plan to cook duck has twisted a brain. Duck contains a lot of fat, which is the best part of it. Yummy!!! So…. Duck it is! When calculated, the calorie is high and when it is reported to the challenge platform, it is not counted as the expected healthy food…. Ggrrrrh!

herbs and spices lovey lovey!
cute duck!
hot duck!
only the veggies are accepted as healthy food and the calories are not even half of the duck itself 😂

Don’t overestimate what’s called healthy eating because the calorie calculation will overwrite all the estimation exactly like when you think expressing love honestly will result in respectful rejection, instead you’ll get ignorance and humiliation.

Thanks God for always leading me to self respect and kindness.

May all beings be happy.

Take A Break – haiku

What does Friday bring?
Laundry, canvas, wok and pan
Wrapped in a good mood.

My stubborn headache and stiff neck suddenly vanished this evening….

I naturally love my job and love it even more every day with the space between two weeks!

May all beings be happy.

Messy Like Heaven – ranting

Messy like heaven.
After cooking I feel tired
Of all the dirty
Pots, plates, spoons, knives and rubbish.
Full without eating—

I am naturally a picky eater, but trying my best to eat every thing served as long as healthy and non poisonous. I even let myself eat those I’m allergic to – just to prove to this weak Self that this body can bear the poison though has failed now and then.

Today I cooked one traditional food from Java island of beautiful archipelago, my dear Indonesia – buntil.

It is stuffed cassava leaves wraps, you can also use papaya leaves. The content can be as cheap as grated young coconut only or added with anchovy or meat or any protein that you wish to have in the meal. This time I make a fusion – buntil stuffed with Korean stir fried anchovies with pumpkin seed and walnuts. The fusion is just because I could not find the seed that originally cooked in the Java island, we call it “petai Cina” (please use your freedom to find what it is in Google). I bought the Korean side dish coz I don’t know how to make it.

This is cheap and humble dish that is traditionally eaten as side dish with rice. But it has become a rare food where I live now – even people from Indonesia might not find it interesting anymore. Not sure why but alas! Everybody has one’s own liking. I’m so grateful that the cleaning lady knocked my door and brought some earth products that I’ve missed dearly – bamboo shoot, banana flower, cabai rawit and cassava leaves! So why not making food that I’ve missed so dearly, too.

I’m happy with the result, knowing that there are details of ingredients and still a good success. But the after cooking was not so happy seeing piles of dirty containers and cooking utensils that I had to wash by myself…. Heaven!

Anyway! Let’s see the happy scenes! Unhappy scenes of cleaning and tidying up the shelves and cabinets are off the records!

Welcome next good week!

May all beings be happy….

Raw cassava leaves, just in case you never know what it is….

Boil the cassava leaves with salt until they are soft enough to chew but not too soft to break themselves in your hands.


Korean stir fried anchovies with pumpkin seeds and walnuts – it is sweet originally but I still seasoned it with the buntil seasoning….


This is to tie up the wrap. If not tied, the wrap won’t be strong enough to hold the anchovies in and the leak of the anchovies with different seasoning from the one in the coconut milk will affect the final blend of the taste.


Wrap it up!


Put all the wraps into the pot…. They are happily waiting for some shower.


Pour the seasoned coconut milk on to the wraps in the pot. And ready to boil….

Cook until the coconut milk is reduced, absorbed by the wraps. Trust me, the taste is Heaven!