Be A Dog

Excitement rises.
A dog runs after food bag
Full of dental sticks.

If you don’t feel good, walk a dog and run with it when it runs for food. You’ll feel a real excitement. Trust me.

Wishing to feel good every single second like a happy dog. 😁 Prepare good saving of energy!

😁 Vietnam dog is exactly the same as other dogs: toys, food and other dogs

Across Rainbow Bridge

Across rainbow bridge,
Wings bring a tiny light up
High to where it glows.


I’m surrounded by animal lovers and rescuers. Every now and then I see how they struggle with animals in pain or death. It’s not easy each time those friends have to say good bye but at the same time they learn again and again that the best end is by releasing sincerely and being released sincerely.

Happy journey, Dear. Thanks for all the lessons you have taught us.

Alfatihah 💝🙏🏼

bye, Item; see you across the bridge 🥰 alfatihah 💝

May All Beings Be Happy

People who treat other people improperly will do it to animals. It’s in the blood. And so I never trust those who are not nice either to their own kind and/or to animals.

I have met people —they look like nice and respectable ones— who abuse others physically, verbally and/or emotionally from torturing to humiliating, underestimating up to ignoring. I’m sure those will do what they do to animals, too.

May all beings be happy.

How – ranting

I’m almost 50?
Gosh! Am I that near to what is called half a century? it gives me goosebump!
What have I done?
To my beloved parents?
To my beloved sisters?
To my beloved brothers?
To my friends?
To my country?
To humanity?

To myself?

Last month I visited a good friend and found more things about her. She has done so much in her life.
She helped me and her colleagues grow professionally.
She did many things to help people in her industry.
She did so much to her mother especially when her mother was in the deathbed.
She travels to see many places.
She plays piano.
She plays violin.
She plays golf.
She hangs out with friends.
She read spiritual books.
She always comes up with solutions of problems around her.
She dedicates her life to humanity.
She does many many things that I can even only imagine I can do with my mini courage.

Once I told her “My Friend, I think you will not regret your life when you die.”

And she said “You’re right, Rike. I won’t regret my life when I die. I will die happy because I’ve lived happily.”

She said to me, “Be happy. Do something that you have wanted to do but you haven’t. Hey, what about taking music classes?”

Going out from her apartment, I could not stop thinking of what I should do to make my life meaningful for myself and for those I love that I leave when I die.

Life is short and I’ve gotta do something.

Thanks, my Friend for being an inspiration to me.

I will die happy because I’ve lived happily.

Singapore – April 29, 2018 – 02:39

The picture below is of Fifi (the black and white) and Chocho (the ginger), kittens in my Mom’s home. Chocho died of suffering for his back on April 23, 2018 at around 11:15am Jakarta time. Thank you, Chocho for telling me over and over again that you lived happily and died happy. Thank you, my dear kitten. See you across the rainbow bridge….


Kutabur Debu Cahaya

Kutabur debu cahaya
Bersama salam dan langkahku
Demi jejak kemanusiaan
Bagi seluruh isi alam.
Berurai air-mata….

Sungai-sungai sebagai urat-urat darah
Yang mulai tersumbat,
Buntu…. Samudera pun kehilangan tuah dan birunya.
Tersedak Ibu Gaia terbatuk-batuk, bersedih melihat anak-anaknya tiada berhati.

Duh Gusti,
Ampunilah aku
Yang tak mampu membantu titik-titik mungil bercahaya terkungkung rantai dan kerangkeng.
Letih dan terluka
Batin dan badannya.

Duh Gusti,
Merdekakan kami.
Aku dan titik-titik mungil bercahaya itu.
Merdekakan inti hidup kami.
Sehingga bahagia walau kami dihela hingga pertolonganMu tiba.
Sehingga ikhlash walau kami dipaksa hingga kehendakMu tiba.

Wahai, titik-titik mungil bercahaya….
Kuseru doa dan belai mesra.
Salamku salam ruhani yang akan membungkusmu dengan kekebalan
Dari segala derita.
Kuatkan. Murnikan. Tataplah langit seperti kutatap ia.

Kudekap Ibu Gaia,
Kuhembuskan debu cahaya
Dan titik-titik cahaya itu berpendar, melebar dan merayakan kebahagiaan.
Salamku salam ruhani
Wahai titik-titik mungil dalam dekapan.

Puisi ini kupersembahkan bagi para satwa yang didera kekejaman atas nama kesejahteraan manusia. Terkirim bagimu kekuatan dan kemuliaan selamanya. Sayangku….

Ibu Gaia, teriring doa untukmu jua….

Salaamun qaulammirrabbirrahiem….


Temasek – August 12, 2017 – 02:59

Passed Away


Our dear Moppy passed away on March 26, 2017 at around 12:14pm Jakarta time. Not a good news for us but we have to face it. He’s lived comfortably in his past years.

I couldn’t write a romantic letter for him earlier as I was too sad to say things about him.

Now that I can write things about him, very little though and not representing my big emotion.

He is happy and comfortable now – happier and more comfortable than when he was in his sick body on earth. And, he is still watching us especially watching Karin Franken who had been taking care of him for his last time before he died. Thank you, Karin – that is what Moppy has said every single day even now.

Moppy, you’ve been our dear dog. Special in your own way, like each of your human buddies are special in our own ways.

Moppy, you’ve changed my perception about dogs. You’ve changed my actions on the animal welfare. You’ve changed my thinking constelation – making me more aware about why we are here….

Moppy, again thank you…. Unlimited thank you.

Moppy, please forgive me for not visiting you for so long…. I know you know why I didn’t come. For you to know that you’ve always been in my diary and in my HEART.

Moppy, be good. Run free! So long, my buddy!


Temasek – April 2, 2017 – 16:36

Animal Abuser in Jakarta

Some people are very insecure, they’re afraid of sharing this world with other creatures then they start to show their selfishness by hunting and killing animals that should not be killed.

My dear friend, Jojo Lin, a stray cat feeder cum rescuer just shared with me a very sad story….

One guy riding a bike with two vicious dogs unleashed are hunting for stray cats to kill. His reason is to get rid of stray cats from the housing complex that according to him the population is soaring. He didn’t want to listen when my Friend explain that her activity includes spaying cats to control the population in the area…. This stupid idiot just does not want to listen, he even came with the leader of community (Ketua RT in Bahasa Indonesia).

One cat died this morning by a car accident when this little poor thing tried to save life from the raging dogs and the guy on the bike. Please be in peace, Mimot. Your life will be remembered and your death will be a pedestal to keep us survive to help other cats like you. Blessings to Mimot….. Your life is never a waste, buddy. You leave a lot of love and lessons to many.

We are planning to report this to Jakarta governor, Ahok Basuki Cahaya Purnama so that he can highlight that all animals should have the right to get good life in Jakarta and that animal welfare should be promoted and maintained from now own including giving the support to animal rescuers that do the right things (not them who just collect animals in cage losing the real nature of animals), promote appropriate causes pf animal welfare and educate people about animal welfare.

Fyi, this cruelty happened this very morning in the around Kebun Jeruk, West Jakarta. Below is the picture of the cruel guy, very blurred because my friend tooke picture from a distance and with big fear as he is kind of threatening her for helping the stray cats in the area.

We will follow up this seriously.

Singapura – November 10, 2015 – 08:35am

Animal Welfare

Many people love animals. They have pets by buying animals from petshop, getting from family or friends as gift, adopting animals from shelters or simply taking the animals from the road. Do they love animals indeed?

Yes or no….

Owning animals is not number one indicator of loving animals. The main indicator is how they treat the animals. So, after they bring the animals home, what will they do? Just putting them outside the home since they are just animals? Or, they let those animals stay inside the home as family?

More than that: do they provide good and healthful food for the animals or just throw rubbish to the animals?

Do they give good health service to the animals? Vaccine, neuter, deworm, shampooing or bathing, teeth cleaning, etc…. Please care about it.

Do they let the animals suffer from anything uncomfortable? Give them good place to sleep on. Spare them enough space. Do you know that in many petshops animals are kept in very small cages that make them go crazy. Please know this, consider this. Be loving to your pets…. Even to any animals.

Do they let those animals be animals? What is letting animals be animals? It is simply not putting clothes to them. Some people think dressing their pets is upgrading the dignity of those animals? No, it is downgrade their dignity, friends. And, at the same time making the animals into inconvenient situation: they feel hot especially animals in tropical climate. So, do you still want to keep the cats and dogs or rabbits etc in your stupidly-chosen clothes? Please stop entertainig yourselves by forcing human’s culture to animals.

This is a whining of today…. I’m grumbling because I think I haven’t done enough to animals for their welfare. Not only me, but many people are so ignorant to animals just because they are animals.

So, let’s change our mindset. Animals are our fellow creatures who logically only lacks ability to anallyse, who physically aren’t developed like us, who genetically outnumber in DNA. So, basically we have many same components making them deserve to be treated justly, well and with love and care.

Time to realize what we can fix. Love them. Please stop being violent to them. Show that we are the caretaker of this universe by respecting our fellow creatures.

If you really hate animals, no need to express your hatred. Please just halt and don’t do harm to them.

Oh, how tiring it is to see that this earth is full of people treating animals badly.


inspired by Bob, Greece, Moppy, Ucil, Jeliteng and all other animals greeting me with love

Taipei – May 14, 2015 – 9:17pm

KEJAM (omelan acak)

Makin banyak manusia berjiwa kejam bermunculan di bumi ini.

Membunuh binatang,

Mengganggu binatang,

Membenci binatang,

Jijik pada binatang;

Semua itu indikasi saja…

Yang pasti mereka memupuk jiwa kejam dalam dirinya…

Baru tadi pagi kutemukan berita di National Geographic tentang cyber poaching yaitu perburuan melalu jalur internet yaitu berburu binatang-binatang dilindungi yang mengenakan GPS collar (kalung untuk mengetahui keberadaan lokasi binatang tersebut); tujuannya adalah supaya para poachers tersebut dapat membantai para binatang malang itu dengan mudah tanpa blusukan nyasar-nyasar di hutan rimba.

Baru-baru ini satu macan Bengggala (India) diburu secara online oleh manusia-manusia jahanam itu.

Kebayang nggak sih di era modern ini bisa saja hewan- hewan yang tadinya nggak langka sama sekali akan menjadi hewan buruan dan membuat pemiliknya ketar-ketir sepanjang masa. Terbayang di pelupuk mataku Bob, Minthil, si Abuy, si Abu, si Korep, Sora, Cedric, dan anjing serta kucing malang itu diburu lalu entah lah dimakan atau diawetkan dijadikan koleksi para manusia kaya sialan yang suka mengoleksi stuffed animals di istananya.

Mulai tergerak hatiku untuk jadi donatur WWF tapi again…. aku kok nggak percaya bahwa mereka ngurusin bener-bener para binatang langka. Makanya aku cuma mau ikutan temen-temen yang ngurus kucing jalanan, anjing terlantar dan jalur-jalur “lambat” lain yang lebih membumi dekat dengan kehidupan sehari-hari. Mereka peduli dan mengejawantahkan kepedualiannya dengan cara yang lebih membumi… Ah, ini tidak berarti WWF tidak membumi – hanya saja WWF terlalu sophisticated buatku…

Selamat menikmati hidup di jaman modern yang dipenuhi dengan kekejaman demi pelestarian hidup manusia tanpa peduli pada hidup makhluk lain.

Eh, sebenetar lagi Idul Adha ya? Maaf, saya nggak korban karena nggak mau salah memilih ternak yang ternyata belum ikhlas mati… Duh, Gusti minta tolong…

Singapore – 12 Oktober 2013 – 16:39Image



Kucing itu cakep
Binatang imut kusayang…
Bulu yang halus dan suara yang lembut….
Sangat menggetarkan…

Aku punya satu.
Bob namanya
Kucing jantan
Kunamai karena dua alasan
Karena nama lengkapnya Robert de Niro
Dan karena Bob adalah nickname pacarku, mantan….

Tadi ku nemu satu kucing lagi
Tapi tak kuadopsi
Karena masih bayi dua hari
Dan aku tak sanggup mengurusnya

Si kucing mungil
Maafkan aku karena telah menyentuhmu
Terlalu banyak menularkan bau tanganku pada tubuhmu
Sehingga simbokmu tak mampu menyentuh aromamu…

Maka kuseka aku dengan handuk baru dan meminta maaf
Simbokmu akan segera menjamahmu.
Lalu kamu menjadi kucing yang manis
Dewasa dan sehat…

Love catsy….

Garuda Lounge, Soetta Tangerang
July 7, 2013 – 7:08 petang




Hari ini aku makan di Sate Wahab yang berlokasi di sebelah prapatan Sinta, Tangerang. Rasanya lumayan enak walau tak seenak beberapa tahun lalu ketika aku makan di sana bersama Eka. Bukan karena dengan siapa tapi lebih karena kondisi badanku sedang drop karena flu sehingga lidah tak mampu bekerja optimal merasai sate yang terkenal enaknya itu.

Setelah makan motor mengarah ke utara mau muter lagi ke kantor temanku. Belum mencapai 5 meter eh kulihat kucing warna hitam yang menurutku posisinya aneh. Tak mungkin seekor kucing membersihkan badan di badan jalan yang sangat ramai. Maka aku minta Lela untuk memberhentikan motor lalu aku turun.

Kucing melahirkan!!!

Duh Gusti, hatiku trenyuh tapi aku – jujur – agak jijik karena kucingnya kurap dan yang lebih bikin aku nggak tega adalah anak kucing sudah keluar satu dan emak kucing sedang membersihkan badannya, lalu keluar ari-arinya.

Lela meneriakkan saran “Miss, minta tolong bapak itu aja…!”

Aku segera memanggil tukang parkir Sate Wahab yang dengan segera mendekat. Seorang bapak-bapak menjewer kuping emak kucing untuk naik ke trotoar. Anaknya terseret… Maafkan aku, kucing-kucing…

Lalu aku minta mereka membawa kardus bekaas jika ada.

Seorang bapak membawa kardus bekas kemasan minuman Aqua. Lalu seorang lagi membawa selembar kertas koran dan memintaku menyorongkan bayi kucing dan ari-ari ke dalam kardus yang sudah ditempati oleh emak kucing.

Setelah keduanya masuk kardus, aku minta bapak-bapak itu menaikkan kardus berisi kucing-kucing itu ke bawah arcade sebelah kanan Sate Wahab karena hujan mulai menderas.

“Sehat ya, Mak, Nak…” kataku pada kucing-kucing itu.

“Makasih ya, Pak…” kataku pada bapak-bapak yang masih ada di situ.

Lalu aku dan Lela melanjutkan perjalanan.

Hatiku masih ternyuh. Masih kuingat sebuah mobil yang dengan sengaja mau menabrak kami (aku dan kucing), si pengemudi sambil melotot-lototkan matanya. Mungkin dia memberikan kode padaku untuk segera minggir. Aku tak tahu, jika aku tak di situ menjaga kucing-kucing itu, pengemudi itu pasti sudah melindasnya karena memang si kucing berbaring lemah tak berdaya di bekas cerukan jalan yang seperti bekas lindasan ban besar.

Aku berharap makin banyak orang yang peduli pada hewan yang ada di sekitarnya entah itu kucing, anjing, kelinci, dll….

Untuk kucing-kucing yang tadi kutemui dan kucing-kucing lain: semoga kalian bahagia dan sejahtera, sayang…

Ruko Liga Mas (kantor Lela); 4:55 sore

Foto adalah Sicily alias Ucil yang sudah tak terlihat lama dari rumahku karena (mungkin) sedang melahirkan

Once Upon A Time When I Broke His Heart


24 hours
And he didn’t come home
Calls were shouted
“Man, please come to me. I miss you a lot.”
But no sign…
He didn’t think I was important.
He broke my heart.

36 hours
He gave me a ring.
“I’m coming. Do prepare, I miss home already. Don’t let me down.”
He knocked on the door.
I went out.
But three musketeers were before him.
They blocked his way home.
Those three delicate creatures were kinda telling me and him that we could not be together that day.

The light in his eyes faded
Like an electricity black out.
He scolded at me in his silence…
Then walked away.
Again he looked back staring at me full of hatred…
Then walked away.

That was just yesterday when I broke his heart.

This poem is for Bob Kucing that could not enter my house because of three cats sitting at the terrace, wanting to be fed by me. Oh, Bob please hold your jealousy. You are always my number one cat. The rest are just orphans needing our help. I love you, Bob Kucing… 🙂

December 25, 2012 – 11:18pm
My small hut at Cisadane river bank

Fyi, Bob went home then and ate with mounting jealousy though he he he…


BOBPlease introduce my cat named Bob Kucing..
He is almost 5 years old and might have a lot of offsprings around my neighborhood.
He eats fish as main dish and cat bites for snack.
He spoils me with his purr and manipulates me with his sickness. Hey, he has space for fleas that I work on in my spare time.

He is an adorable cat at least for me. Have a look at his sleep…