Greek’s 40th Days Leaving Us Behind

40 days ago our dear cat lady, Greek went across the bridge and today we are remembering her being part of us.


She was such a beauty, dignity yet rebel and free soul. Oh yeah, free soul she was! She would hunt anytime she wanted and brought the hunted to us as gifts: grasshopper, flies, dragonflies, lizard, birds name it she would be proud of her hunting skill.


Once we had a guest with one teenager who was trying to protect the hunted bird – the bird was still alive, very weak and desperate – our guest freed the bird and Greek was in rage! She didn’t attack but she wouldn’t stop wandering around the house shouting until my Mother took the tiny cat to her hugs. She was calming in my mother’s hands.


Greek was such a love to all of us. Everybody poured her with abundant love and care. My Brother would always ask “Where is Greek?” everytime he visited my mom. My nephews and nieces would have the same question.


But Greek wouldn’t love children. She was scared of those rascals’ shouting and cheering and jumping and being too excited. Then she would stay away the whole day giving up the food. She would be back when all those kids were gone. My mom would be worried….


Greek was an alarm clock for my Mother. She would wake her up especially for night prayer. She would kiss my Mother to wake her up. Failed with kisses, she would scratch my mother’s body. Failed with the scratches, she would step on my mother’s head with her soft meows. My mother would prepare food and pray accompanied by the tiny alarm clock.


Greek was also great sleeper. She would sleep when the rest of us worked!


And a great eater…. Pick great eater! She didn’t take not fresh food. All of her food must be fresh from the storage. She would not eat her own leftover. All must be new! And new it was for our beloved princess Greek.


Greek, too many things we save in our memory about her.


You are loved. You are remembered.


We know you leave us as you wished. You made the decision and we just felt the broken heart to say goodbye.


Greek, your graveyard is just some steps from our backdoor. We can visit you whenever we want. We first got so sad but you always came once in while making sure that we are ok and we now realize that you were leaving clean and happy.


Please send our loving regards to Bob, Grace, Greece, Greg, and all other beloved animals you meet and greet there across the rainbow bridge.


Please cut your worry. We are praying for your good. Please pray for us, too.

Now your friends are sitting in our porch Everyday but they don’t want to stay home like you. They come to have meal and sleep somewhere we don’t know. Please make sure they are fine, our angel…..


Greek, this is your 40th days leaving us. You will be our guiding light, won’t you?

Till we meet again, my dear. Love you soooooooo much!!! Warm regards from me, Ibu, Mbak Andri, Mbak Yuda, Mas Yogi and all…. The rainbow slides are ready….! Woohooo!

Yogyakarta – June 19, 2016 -10:30am

Blacky and Amie

I support animal lovers and rescuers by praying for them or when I’m able I’d like to donate or accompany them to take care of those animals. But honestly I mostly support them from a distance…. The lowest level of caring but the best I can.

About two weeks ago a friend of mine texted me to pray for Blacky, a little cutie pie that was suffering from vomitting after every meal of his. Blacky, a black-with-white-spots kitten was waiting for exchanging blessings with me.

This is Blacky, when he was up and around.

Blacky was transported by his mommy named Amie by bus for about 3 hours. What a lovely journey for Blacky and Amie the mommy….! To get him cured. Vet said that Blacky suffered from kidney disfunction. Or, at least that was the result after some examination by the vet plus X-Ray.

Blacky and mommy Amie

Mommy had to go home to Tangerang, Banten because she had to work. But Blacky ought to stay — he was exhausted and needed some rest because of Tangerang – Jakarta trip and his sickness. Then it was decided to put Blacky in an animal clinic in Kemang.

IMG_2884IMG_2888IMG_2887 Blacky with siblings — all those sweet creatures

Blacky was not getting better. He kept vomitting and decided to leave, he was departing to the land across beautiful ocean. On his last day he ate a little and got positive energy support from another friend of mine. But Blacky really wanted to leave. He was happy and still is now.

Blacky felt the love of mommy Amie and thanked the Universe for sending her to take care of him in his very short life span. He was serving himself as a cat and it was his best serviceat that time. He would love to serve a better role in his next span of life and the Universe already grants his wish.

He will be borne as a boy or a girl who gets so much love…. Namaste….
He will be borne as a boy or a girl who is raised by loving and caring parents…. Namaste.
He is blessed and giving blessings.

Breastfed together to mommy cat

Thank you Blacky for being present in my life although we never met face to face…. I feel the love of yours and mommy Amie’s love.

Please be safe in your trip to your better future. Til we meet again….

Jalan Putri Hijau, Medan – October 2, 2015 – 12:23am

Frog – A Transformation

So many years that butterfly is a symbol of transformation has been ingrained in my blood. From egg to caterpillar to cocoon then beautiful winged soft insect has been a cycle from a tiny little nothing to flying colors.

What about a frog?

Egg (Amplexus) then tadpole to froglet then frog
Isn’t that a cycle of transformation, too?

Yes, it indeed is.

But… What beauty can we extract from being a frog? Wait! It’s way too early to say no quality in a frog.

Frog is a sign of Spring — when life begins. Frog sings very loudly, invigorating the air of night, welcoming Summer.

A frog is a froglet losing its tail. What is tail for a frog, he doesn’t need (to) tail anymore. A frog is mature enough to take its way without tail(gating). So, are you a frog or a froglet?

And, a frog is one independent evolved egg that is able in detaching itself from the cluster wrapping thousands of eggs and escaping from the fish and other water predators. Ohlala…. You are a successful individual when reaching frog phase.

A frog is a froglet transforming from a water body to live in both water and land and ready to breed. It represents someone able to find the core of reality — being a physical cum spiritual being. Both needs to be developed and maintained; they weave and knit together to generate “haute couture” in a life time of a developed spirit. Balaced Yin and Yang: This happens as part of a frog’s being, our being.


So, human being transforms not only like a butterfly but possibly also like a frog….

Which do you choose as your picturesque analogy? You choose.

It’s just a thought pouring down in the middle of the night before a short sleep welcoming a new day.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 1.06.36 am

Singapura – May 19, 2015 – 1:07am

Free – haiku

Pearls are sliding through
A long thread; falling down to
The floor — to be free.


Free falling, I want to be free.
Free from others’ eyes…. from others’ ears….
Can I do, oh can I do?

If I can, then what should I do?
Dancing in the dark space like this moment?
So, why do I need to be free?

Let me travel in the space, dark space of Light,
Spiralling to and meeting you.


Singapura – April 12, 2015 – 9:42pm

Maya, Anjing Yang Hepi

Lagi di Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines.

Seperti biasa ada asyiknya dan nggak asyiknya tiap travel. Enaknya ya jelas deh ketemu binatang-binatang yang tak kalah ramahnya dengan para manusia yang kutemui di Philippines. Filipino punya bakat ramah-tamah yang nggak kalah sama orang Indonesia, jadi nyaman-nyaman saja travel ke kepulauan ini. Kutegaskan kembali Filipino di Philippines itu ramah , anjing-anjingnya hepi walau nggak semua bersih, banyak stray dogs berkeliaran dan tidak ada tukang makan  anjing seperti di daerah-daerah di Indonesia. Semoga para pemakan dan pemburu anjing  diberi kesadaran oleh Semesta, berhenti memburu anjing dan kembali ke jalan yang manusiawi.

Tuan rumah dengan keramahan sempurna tentunya bikin kerjaan lancar. Dan ketemu dengan Maya, anjing yang ditugaskan di gate area hotel, bikin perjalanan di Cebu lebih enteng di batin…. Ini anjing gede dan nature-nya gembira – aku panel “Maya….” langsung lompat mau ngerangkul…. Waduh rek, bukannya takut najis…. Takut digigit doang.


lompat mau hugging


I love you, Maya but please don’t hug me. I’m afraid…. Then she behave 🙂

Maya ini matanya katarak dua-duanya – curiga gw sih penyebabnya makanan karena Lorent di Makati juga matanya sakit karena makanan. So, tolong ya para pemelihara anjing beliin makanan yang nggak ada efek samping buruk untuk anjingnya. Teliti sebelum membeli.

Ada satu lagi anjing jantan namanya Bruce. Warnanya krem kayaknya sih herder juga. Cuma ketemu waktu tiba di hotel Minggu siang jadi nggak sempat moto….

Jadi mereka ini berjaga di gate bergantian tiap 6 jam. Tugasnya mengendus trunk mobil yang masuk ke lingkungan hotel.

Aku tahu alangkah membosankannya pekerjaan itu makanya Maya melonjak gembira saat ada yang menyapa.

Semoga Maya, Bruce dan 5 anjing patrol lainnya sehat, kenyang dan hepi selalu… Lebih dari itu semoga banyak yang melimpahkan rasa sayangnya pada mereka. Amin….

Ayo sayangi anjing dan binatang lainnya…..

SRL Mactan, Cebu – 11 February, 2015 – 6:22 petang

KEJAM (omelan acak)

Makin banyak manusia berjiwa kejam bermunculan di bumi ini.

Membunuh binatang,

Mengganggu binatang,

Membenci binatang,

Jijik pada binatang;

Semua itu indikasi saja…

Yang pasti mereka memupuk jiwa kejam dalam dirinya…

Baru tadi pagi kutemukan berita di National Geographic tentang cyber poaching yaitu perburuan melalu jalur internet yaitu berburu binatang-binatang dilindungi yang mengenakan GPS collar (kalung untuk mengetahui keberadaan lokasi binatang tersebut); tujuannya adalah supaya para poachers tersebut dapat membantai para binatang malang itu dengan mudah tanpa blusukan nyasar-nyasar di hutan rimba.

Baru-baru ini satu macan Bengggala (India) diburu secara online oleh manusia-manusia jahanam itu.

Kebayang nggak sih di era modern ini bisa saja hewan- hewan yang tadinya nggak langka sama sekali akan menjadi hewan buruan dan membuat pemiliknya ketar-ketir sepanjang masa. Terbayang di pelupuk mataku Bob, Minthil, si Abuy, si Abu, si Korep, Sora, Cedric, dan anjing serta kucing malang itu diburu lalu entah lah dimakan atau diawetkan dijadikan koleksi para manusia kaya sialan yang suka mengoleksi stuffed animals di istananya.

Mulai tergerak hatiku untuk jadi donatur WWF tapi again…. aku kok nggak percaya bahwa mereka ngurusin bener-bener para binatang langka. Makanya aku cuma mau ikutan temen-temen yang ngurus kucing jalanan, anjing terlantar dan jalur-jalur “lambat” lain yang lebih membumi dekat dengan kehidupan sehari-hari. Mereka peduli dan mengejawantahkan kepedualiannya dengan cara yang lebih membumi… Ah, ini tidak berarti WWF tidak membumi – hanya saja WWF terlalu sophisticated buatku…

Selamat menikmati hidup di jaman modern yang dipenuhi dengan kekejaman demi pelestarian hidup manusia tanpa peduli pada hidup makhluk lain.

Eh, sebenetar lagi Idul Adha ya? Maaf, saya nggak korban karena nggak mau salah memilih ternak yang ternyata belum ikhlas mati… Duh, Gusti minta tolong…

Singapore – 12 Oktober 2013 – 16:39Image




Seekor bulldog diberangus moncongnya, dituntun oleh seorang petugas keamanan bandara internasional Pudong, China. Dua orang petugas lainnya berjalan bersama mereka, pelan waspada….

Kenapa tiba-tiba hatiku trenyuh? Apakah sudah garis hidupku untuk mengalami perasaan sakit bilamana ada hewan yang dijadikan alat oleh manusia namun tidak diperlakukan secara alami? Anjing, kucing, ha master, marmut, sapi, kambing, ayam, burung, dll semua pernah menjadikanku sakit hingga air mata tak mudah dibendung. Sayatan jeritan hatiku melihat mereka dipulasara karena tak ada pilihan lain.

Dulu… Aku pernah berbahagia menginginkan menjadi murid Sulaiman sang raja dan nabi yang ahli bicara pada binatang namun kini yang bisa kulakukan adalah tersenyum kecut karena kenyataan sang nabi bahagia menjadi ahli bahasa binatang tidak selalu menjadikannya tenang, justru sebaliknya.

Aku jadi ingat kata-kata teman “A gift sometimes becomes a curse.” yang seakan terbukti.

Untuk menjadi ahli bahasa fauna kurasa belum tapi aku melihat tandanya yang sangat jelas. Bob Kucing, kucingku yang sekarang ku titipkan pada ibuku, telah menjadi bagian dari pembuktian itu. Aku berkomunikasi dengannya dengan baik walau kadang menyisakan kegilaan yang menggelikan. Namanya kucing kok diajak bicara ya meang-meong doang…. Tapi aku ngerti…

Ah namanya kegilaan biarlah dia berkelana di dalam relung jiwa dan deretan kalimatku saja, tak perlu pembuktian pada audiens…. Cukup kupelihara saja kepiluan ketika mengindera berita tentang makhluk bernama binatang yang disiksa dan tersiksa. Maafkan aku, aku hanya bisa memberikan berkat pada kalian.

Cinta kasihku memancar pada kalian…. Berbahagialah….

Bandara internasional Pudong
15 Juni 2013 – 10:00 pagi